The Leadership Stance  a coaching mindset for confidence + courage

The Leadership Stance is the first in a three-part interactive workshop series.


Who are You as a Leader?

  • How many of these statements are true for you?

  • I want to leave work energized, not exhausted.

  • I need time to strategize and complete my own work.

  • I must focus more on leading than managing small details.

  • I need a method that helps team members develop and hold themselves accountable.

  • I want to stop managing team member interactions and to eliminate drama.


Part One Provisions

Diane and Cory actively demonstrate what leader coaching looks like.  Afterward, you’ll practice coaching and receive instant feedback.


Other important topics include:

  • Current challenges of leadership

  • What a coaching mindset for leaders is and isn’t

  • How to listen meaningfully and the power of questions

  • Using coaching as a leadership skill

  • How to use the GROW model for accountability and success

Co-led by two
dynamic pros
New Head Shot - Blue.jpeg
Diane Watson, PCC
Executive Coach
Cory Colton, Coach
and Executive Learning Leader