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Diane Watson, PCC


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Coaching: Your Key for Exceptional Leadership

Great leaders have one thing in common. They know how to realize the full potential of those they lead. Are you interested in sharpening your leadership skills? A coaching approach is the solution to close the gap between potential and performance to:  

  • support your direct reports to reach their full potential

  • create engagement and bottom line results 

  • strengthen confidence in your direct reports

  • promote better will among the entire enterprise

…then you need “Coaching: Your Key for Exceptional Leadership.” This is a hands-on, practicing workshop led by two accomplished executive consultants and credentialed coaches.

Do you experience managers and employees who continually look to you for direction when you know they have the skills to self-direct?  Imagine if you could use coaching skills to empower them to confidently make good decisions and innovate. This workshop is for executives and leaders at every level.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to use coaching techniques that work in today’s environment of whiplash change 

  •  How to listen with rapport for understanding

  •  How to ask powerful questions that create fresh thinking

  •  How to be direct, truthful and productive during difficult conversations

  •  You will practice coaching during the workshop so that you coach with confidence


Don’t delay. Sessions will fill quickly. 

(Download 1-page pdf here.)

Co-led by two
dynamic pros
Diane Watson, PCC
Executive Coach
Cory Colton, Coach
and Executive Learning Leader